Welcome to KwanzaUg. A site for Ugandans by Ugandans with the hook up and hunger for living. From, fashion, food, relationships, travel and so much more, we share our experiences and adventures that could be your next experiences and adventures.

Meet the founders of KwanzaUg

Thee Ninja C

Cynthia (SUGAR): As easy going as she is hilarious, not to be mistaken with her alter ego Ninja C, a fearless force to be reckoned with especially behind the M.I.C. Don’t get it twisted though, whether you run into Cynthia or Thee Ninja C you’re bound to have a kick ass time like you’re experiencing an instant sugar rush.

Mama KLA

Maritza (SPICE): Poet, writer, daredevil, her entire being is art and ordinary is never an option. She will never blend in and that is her super power. And while others hide their oddness she wears hers like a badge of honor. There is always a bit of spice in everything she does.


Sabrina (EVERYTHING NICE): Like vanilla scented fresh breath of air. She is the light you need in every situation as she brings joy and wisdom with her life quotes, mantras and advice. She knows fashion like it’s life and you’ll know this every time you see her.

Wishing you Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice today!! 


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