Let’s get barbecuing!

Lately, outdoor activities have become more popular in Kampala. This basically means two things; more food and more drinks (Thank God for Jumia Party). Commonly held in southern African countries (Braai) as they are normally referred to, United States, Korea, Lebanon grilling and barbeque food is taking over Kampala as well. People are more inclined to buying several assortments of meats from pork to goat’s meat, to beef strips, to chicken and inviting a professional grill and barbeque guy, ordering drinks and kicking off the celebration. Speaking of which, incase you need some great pork ribs look up Arena Bar and restaurant on Jumia Food, be thankful later. Even events like Blankets and Wine, Aka Dope, roast and rhyme are going with the trend too. What you would need for a successful barbeque;

  1. A great grill
    With a wonderful grill stove you are guaranteed some tasty treats.Grill.jpg
  2. Any of the following meat is great for a barbeque: Muchomo
    -Pork ribs
    -Goat’s meat (muchomo)
    -Beef strips
  3. Be sure to throw in some great salad, it could be any of the following:
    -Potato salad
    -Regular vegetable salad
    Or even a simple kachumbari (Tomatoes, Onions and spice)The following are also great barbeque options if you want a wide selection for your people:

    Last but not least, do not forget the amazing barbeque sauce and spices that you will use to marinate. Boom! Just like that you have yourself a quick fix. Alternatively, you could just order everything off Jumia Food and you will be sorted within the hour, because there’s one hiccup to barbeque/grilling, IT REQUIRES PATIENCE! Either way, this is the new wave, don’t get left out!


Cynthia Tumwine

PR Manager Jumia Food and Travel



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