It’s that most celebratory time of the year again! Oh shush no body cares about Christmas until December. I’m talking the Kampala City festival!! You’re not new to this are you? Okay…

The Kampala City Festival is a massive street festival that goes down first week of October in Kampala City the capital of the pearl, Uganda. It is by far the biggest street Festival in East Africa that brings Ugandans (and others) together to celebrate culture (including the turn up culture) and innovation. This is a time to unite with fellow Ugandans and an opportunity for companies and organisations to show, tell and impress.

If you’re not planning to go for the free City Festival on account of you have nothing to wear, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few easy outfits that will help you fit right in with the colorful vibrant flamboyant situation going down 8th October on the streets of Kampala.

Traditional Outfits

Traditional Wear
Miss Uganda UK 2013; Miss Kazinga

Every Ugandan has at least some kind of traditional outfit. It doesn’t even have to be your culture you could represent for other Ugandans this time. Now you can go two ways with this outfit; you could either wear the formal traditional wear or the traditional dance outfit. With how diverse Uganda is with cultures, you have an unlimited number of outfits to choose from.

Bedazzle your bikini

Bedazzled bra

This one here is for the DIY girl. If you’re one I am judging a little on how you don’t have a costume yet. No worries, I don’t have one either it’s just nice to judge. You can do this with few items, all you need is a hot glue gun, some glitter glue and some shiny beads/studs. As a DIY person, these are essentials in your kit. KCF 3

Carnival Accesories

Maritza at the KCCA festival 2015

The classic carnival mask with a few feathers paired with a colorful maxi dress or any colorful outfit in your closet. Popping color hat with khakis and a print shirt. There are a lot of party accessories that you can add to your regular comfortable day clothes (see guy who’s back photo bombed me). Literally all you have to do is go check out The Party House at Acacia Mall. You’ll find something.

Uganda Cranes Jersey

X-FM Uganda team in Cranes Jerseys

Well, this depends entirely on how they do this evening. Go UG Cranes!! Let’s beat them black stars like superstars!

Love and vibes …Maritza

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