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There are a select few things that freak me out about relationships and sex. Recently added to that list is finding out that spiritually transmitted diseases are just as real as shit gets in relationships. What if there is more to worry about than catching a baby or a disease from the person you love and trust with your life? What if those things like a baby and an infection are things that can actually be treated, fixed or “taken care of”? What if spiritually transmitted diseases are the kind that may not have a cure? What if even after they’re gone their repercussions linger forever?

I sound like I’m chatting a whole bunch of nonsense but after I give you the Spiritually Transmitted diseases I am most afraid of maybe you’ll see where my fear is coming from.

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“they slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered” – f. scott fitzgerald

Insecurities: There is nothing more repulsive than a partner who highlights and focuses on their significant other’s insecurities. Sometimes this is done as a projection of their own insecurities, so you’re over there being picked on over something that may have absolutely nothing to do with you. Some even go an extra mile and create insecurities where there were none.

Stunted growth: Did you know that you’re usually the average of the person(s) you hang around the most? Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t seem to be going anywhere; despite having a plan, dreams and aspirations, is the worst thing you can do to your development. I get the part where partners are supposed to lift each other up and inspire each other, but if you’re not stronger than the negativity coming from your partner, honey you’re going down with them. I am a firm believer in two developed human beings getting together as opposed to half-baked projects trying to assemble a bigger mess than they already are.

Vibes (Energy): I am a firm believer in “vibes tell it all”. We carry around trauma, passion and dreams among other things in our vibe. It’s not just in the way we feel but the way we are. The way we have allowed and accepted ourselves to be. I say accepted because the more you declare things about what and who you are the more you become. Maybe I don’t know what I’m going on about, but I believe it and I have lived it. When you have sex with someone, these vibes are exchanged. Some sink and connect more than others. My sister and brother… beware what your soul has been collecting and storing within.

Please share some of your spiritually transmitted diseases and what you think of all this.

Love and good vibes… Maritza


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