What’s on your travel Playlist? 

If you have ever taken a trip whether by road, air or train you know one of the key things for most people during travel is the music. I’ve taken trips sometimes deliberately so I can go through some of my albums because sometimes life gets crazy and there’s no time to listen to music.

Music Doodle
illustration of music background in doodle style

Growing up, every time we were taking a drive to a far off place with my mother’s brothers there would be music playing. Coolest Uncles in the world by the way, many of them are very musical so they had amazing taste in music. I remember they always preferred to play lingala. Those 8-10 minute songs would blare through the stereo all the way, till we arrived at our destination. The likes of Kanda Bongo man, Kofi Olomide and Shala Mwana were the sound tracks to our travels.


For my dad and siblings, they always preferred gospel music. I suppose it was to calm them on the trip while also praying for journey mercies. My sisters hate long trips especially because they are tall so having their long legs curled up for a while in a car or plane seat is not ideal. Hey anything for an adventure though,right?


Personally Hip hop music is what you’ll find blazing loud from my earphones on a trip. There’s something about a good hip hop song, that heavy beat and those gangster lyrics that have me feeling like I can conquer the world.


If none of these are your cup of tea, there are a few suggestions I can offer if you are wondering where you lie;

If you are the kind to sleep through a trip, I know several people who will literally save their sleep for a trip, well then jazz and soul are your picks. The soothing sounds of great melodies from a piano or saxophone coupled with beautiful voices and harmonies will have u in lala land in no time. If you are the kind who likes a good party while travelling try Afro House you’ll be dancing in your chair the entire time. Afro beat too will have a similar effect all your favourite Ugandan, Kenyan and Naija tunes are exactly what you need cue *Who is the chicken now-Red Sun*


In case you prefer silence throughout a trip, that’s cool too being alone with one’s thoughts is quite necessary. However if you have never explored any of these options. Thank me later. Your travel experience is about to go up a notch.

Stay adventurous,

Cynthia Tumwine

The writer is the PR Manager at Jumia Travel


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