Summer Vacationing in Uganda.

Yes of course you are wondering, what summer? Uganda has only two seasons Dry and Wet, Rainy and Hot. Well yes, that is true but that doesn’t mean as Ugandans we do not need breaks. Now yes, the occasional Christmas to New Year holiday when we gather together as families and head to the village could be considered a holiday/break, however doesn’t that get old?8e4aedc298f0e7febde1e9989d72f200

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries I have been blessed to travel around and I feel like this should be explored more. Yes I am proudly Ugandan, so reading this you might think this is unfair praise but this is an unbiased opinion. There are parts in Uganda I too I’m yet to visit however. 2017 is my year to do this, I listed it as one of my New Year’s resolutions and I plan to fulfill that! Can I get an Amen from all those who had travelling as one of their new year’s resolutions as well? , go on make it happen!

Easter was the first chance I got to set this plan in motion, together with some family. Thank God for whatsapp groups how did people ever co-ordinate family programs before? Pay attention people you can use your whatsapp family group chat for more than jokes,memes,funny videos and lugambo (gossip)

Wondering what goes into trip planning? Well, a lot but we will discuss that in another post. First, was to establish where we would go. After a lot of back and forth we settled on Northern Uganda. I have always been curious about what their culture is like, how people there live on a day to day basis. This was mainly because for a long time it was plagued with negative press due to being a war torn area and therefore deemed an unsafe travel destination. Several years later, peace has been stored and Northern Uganda provides so many beautiful sites and sounds to see, to say i was excited is an understatement!

On my search for awesome locations my family and I could stay at while there i landed on Paraa Safari Lodge. Technically it is in the North West but I felt this was a start of a blissful adventure to the North where I’ve never been. People, we need to give it up to technology for making things so much easier. It literally took me 5 minutes to get all the details I needed, one click on the Jumia travel website and voila! I should warn you however, Jumia travel will have you looking at so many other options you hadn’t even considered because it has amazing rates and all the hotels and destinations they put up look amazingggg! If we hadn’t already zeroed in on Paraa picking a destination was going to be a much longer process. So we booked our trip, packed our bags and I’ll tell you it is one of the most awesome experiences my family had.

Unfortunately i was unable to go due to unavoidable circumstances happening at work,bummer right! That isn’t going to stop me though,one day soon i’m going to tell you about another amazing place in Uganda i’m yet to discover!

paraa-exterior-views12 paraa_safari_lodge_murchison_fallsparaa-dining-room-and-terrace-dinner06So what is the point of this entire article? Travelling should not be limited to just Christmas and New year, take any break you have as an opportunity to explore. Secondly, it doesn’t always have to be the same routine where you go to the village and back, pick a new place explore it with loved ones and you will find it will be one of the most special times you will remember and hold dear. Lastly, Uganda is a beautiful place and I can’t say it enough, take time to find out for yourself how beautiful it is.

Stay Adventurous,

Cynthia Tumwine.

The writer is the PR Manager at Jumia Travel.


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